Friday, 5 February 2016

Your Alphabetical Guide To Essential Oils

Essential oils are among the most amazing resources in the world enhancing our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Scientific researchers have shown that essential oils have potential medicinal properties. Essential oils, which may be termed as “life blood” of a plant, are concentrated essence of flowers, fruits, herbs and plants. Essential oil directory includes more than hundred oil profiles; however we have selected the best 21 essential oils and their respective plant species for you: 

·         Allspice Essential Oil: Allspice plants are evergreen with leaves and berries and bunch of greenish white flowers. The berries are picked when they are matured and are dried and grinded to extract the allspice essential oil. 

·         Briar Rose Essential Oil:  They are also known as Wild Rose, Sweet Briar, Hop Fruit, or Briar and regular scented roses. Essential oil derived from Briar Rose is used for curing depression, circulatory Problems and menopausal Problems.

·         Cinnamon Essential Oil: Cinnamon is a tropical evergreen tree and cinnamon sticks quilled from inner bark and is distilled by water or stem from twigs and leaves.  This essential oil is useful for infectious diseases, stress related conditions, tooth, gum care and coughs and many more. 

·         Dragons Blood Essential Oil: (Draceana draco spp.) It is the resin of the Draceana draco species and are used for sexual potency, purification and determination. Adding Dragons Blood to other incenses increases their potency and power.

·         Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Perhaps the ultimate healing oil. It is used for burns, blisters, cuts, herpes, insect bites, and skin infections and so on.

·         Foxglove Essential Oil: This is a small plant with white or pale pink flowers, and pinnate leaves. This essential oil is generally used to create healing incense and it helps bringing meditative atmosphere.

·         Galangal Essential Oil: Galangal has dark green and sword-shaped leaves. Magical uses: Luck, money and psychic development.

·         Hawthorn: Hawthorn is an herb of fertility and it finds its place in weddings. Magical Uses: fertility magic, defense and chastity.

·         Lilac Essential Oil: The Lilac flower is used for making perfumes commercially and the essential oils derived from its flowers are used for treating fevers.

·         Mace Essential Oil: This evergreen has scented leaves and tiny yellow flowers. They are burnt to increase psychic power or for creative work.

·         Nutmeg Essential Oil: Nutmegs have long been carried as good luck charms. They are burnt and used for prosperity, luck, psychic awareness, fortune and meditation.

·         Ivy Essential Oil: It is an ancient plant and the Greeks use them to treat intoxication. Its toxic leaves are used as a poultice to soothe neuralgia, rheumatism and sciatica.

·         Juniper Essential Oil: Juniper is an evergreen tree or shrub and used for obesity, rheumatism, colds and flu.

·         Oak moss Essential Oil:  Oak Moss is a whitish blue to green, shrubby lichen. Magical uses: Use to attract money.

·         Pine Essential Oil: The oil is used externally to relieve rheumatic pain, chronic bronchitis, sciatica, pneumonia and nephritis.

·         Rowan Essential Oil: It is widely known as mountain ash, all part of the tree is treated sacred and is said to have come from land of fairy.

·         Sandalwood Essential Oil: It is one of the most valuable woods in the world and has been used for Diarrhea, Nausea, depression, insomnia etc.

·         Thyme Essential Oil: It is like a nerve tonic used externally to treat depression, colds, muscular pain and respiratory problems.

·         Valerian Essential Oil: They are mainly beneficial for insomnia, nervous indigestion, migraine, restlessness, tension states etc.

·         Willow Essential Oil: They are one of the seven sacred trees of the Irish. The willow is a guardian tree, said to protect from evil influences.

·         Yarrow Essential Oil: They are also known as seven year’s love, and useful for burns, rashes, wounds etc. 

There are so many more essential oils that can be added to this list, but you might have some idea by now about how these essentials oils can enlighten your areas of your life with their astonishing abilities. These oils had a special place among ancient Egyptians and Chinese as they used them in special ceremonies and for healing purposes. Be prudent by using them to bring vitality and ditching stresses and pessimism from your life. 

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