Saturday, 6 February 2016

Oudh Perfumes - To Make a Comeback in 2016?

Oudh traces its origin to Middle East. Its dark, sweet and unique scent is a very important part of many religious ceremonies in Asia and the Middle East. Although, Oudh is regarded as an ancient fragrance but it is becoming increasingly popular among young consumers as well, especially men. Looking at the trends it is expected that Oudh perfumes will make a strong comeback in the year 2016. 

Let’s know why Oudh is likely to make a comeback this 2016:   
1.      Oudh is gaining preference among Leading Brands
Many fragrance and leading perfume brands including Tom Ford, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren are making a shift from sweeter to more heavier and exotic scents. Oudh is becoming the most considerable choice for these brands. Some of the notable products launched by these brands that contain Oudh ingredients are Cartier Oudh Collection, YSL Oriental Collection and Tom Ford Private Blend Oudh Collection.

2.      Symbol of Luxury and Royalty
Oudh is a rare ingredient which is also regarded as a symbol of luxury in the contemporary times. Owning this exotic fragrance will add charm to your personality. Oudh comes from a fungus that grows on agarwood trees, that’s why it has a sharp and high intensity fragrance.   

3.      Great Exotic and High odor fragrance
This 2016, we are witnessing that strong and exotic scents are gaining more popularity over sweeter and mild fragrances. Oudh is also regarded as “the new patchouli” in these times. Perfume experts say that Oudh is going to rule the market this year.

4.      A Bold and Adventurous Choice to make
We are seeing that people are going for more cleaner and mystical fragrances. Not only men but women are also drawn towards the mesmerizing fragrance of Oudh. Using this fragrance will give you a bold style statement.   

In this blog, we highlighted the reasons as to why Oudh is gaining popularity this 2016. It is sure that this fragrance is going to make a good comeback this year. If you are also tired of the synthetic fragrances that fade away after a few hours then it is time to switch to the natural and captivating scent of Oudh.

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