Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Organic Skincare Tips Continued….

In the previous blog, we told you why organic skin care products are a far better option than the cosmetic products. Here we intend to continue with the organic skincare tips that can help you go chemical-free. Though many products in the market claim to be purely natural but we suggest you to be a little extra careful. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you buy a right product for your skin.

1.      Stay far away from Products that contain Petrochemicals
To know whether the product contains petrochemical substances, check its ingredients. If the list of ingredients contains the names like petroleum, mineral oil or paraffin, stay far from that product. Petroleum byproducts contain cancer-containing impurities. They are used to make emollients in foundations and face creams. These substances may also be present in scalp treatment shampoos.   

2.      Make your own Skin Care Products
If you do not trust the organic products available in the market, in such a case we suggest you to make your own skin care products by using ingredients available at home and some natural essential oils. Try the following quick to use natural home made products.
·         Make a face mask using honey and coconut oil
·         Prepare skin toner using some vegetable oil
·         Use green tea to treat acne

3.      Detoxify yourself from inside
A healthy diet and exercise regime can make your skin look glow and fresh. You need not spend money on cosmetic products available in the market. A proper exercise routine can tone up your body and make your skin look glow and smooth. Make sure that your diet contain proper amount of proteins, complex carbohydrates and fruits. Drink a lot of water in order to get yourself detoxified from inside. 

4.      Don’t Follow the Cosmetic Trends
Lot of trends surface in the market every month, promising efficient skin enhancement. We suggest you to not get effected by these trends. Most of these trends are baseless and rather have harmful side-effects. Don’t get persuade by their extensive marketing.  

Organic products have a variety of benefits but they are difficult to get. Most of the products available in the market are not purely natural. The preceding guidelines can help you to take care of your skin with care and also help you to choose a right product.

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