Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to Go Fragrance Free-What Is It All About?

If you are among those who want to avoid artificial i.e. chemical perfumes and other toxic fragrance agents like body sprays, then 2016 is definitely the year for you as this year has strated with a new trend of going ‘fragrance-free’. Of course, by omitting artificial fragrances from your daily use you are doing a great favor to your body, the environment and especially to those people who are allergic to chemical perfumes.

Let us begin with some basic tips for going fragrance-free:
·         Avoid using body sprays, colognes, and scented aftershaves.
·         Try using only natural laundry products including detergents and fabric softeners.
·         Eliminate ‘febreeze’ by escaping from commercial air freshener sand scented candles.
·         Quit smoking and stay away from passive smoking too.

These are just a few basic lifestyle changes that will help you stay away from chemicals and chemical infused products. However, if you choose to make 2016 completely fragrance free for yourself and your loved ones then go through the guide for choosing fragrance free products:

·         Fragrance free label: When buying any skincare or homecare product, ensure that the label does not read ‘Perfume’, ‘Parfum’, “Fragrance” anywhere. Any of these ingredients implies chemicals or synthetics.

·         Switch to Essential Oils Instead: Essential oils have beauty enhancing as well as therapeutic properties. In fact, even many chemically sensitive people can tolerate the aroma of essentialoils since these are extracted from herbs and other pure natural sources.  Incorporating them in your beauty regimen is definitely a sensible choice.

·         Steer Clear of Other toxins: There are many other toxins that are used in detergents, cosmetics and other consumer products that never come to our notice. To eliminate them from your life you need to be more vigilant while checking the ingredients label.

·         The smell test: Smell cosmetics before purchasing. This might require some level of expertise but if you train yourself then you will be able to perform the smell test successfully and find the differences between natural and chemical elements.

The world has been so overloaded with chemicals, toxics and other hazardous things that people are looking for natural sources to get a pure and fresh lifestyle. You might be one of those peace seekers looking for relief from the trap of chemicals. The only way left is to go for pure natural articles, a smart step toward healthy lifestyle…!

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