Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Essential Oils- The Scent of Relaxation

According to several scientific and medicinal surveys, it has been proven that essential oil scents like lavender, peppermint, rosemary, coconut, etc. can stimulate different areas of the human brain. These fragrances have a profound effect on brain-wave patterns due to which the aroma molecules provide healing in the affected areas.  

Essential oils are recognized far and wide with the advent of aromatherapy. These oils are instrumental in getting you rid of mental disorders like depression, stress, insomnia and mood swings. Let’s look how essential oils can heal our mind, body and spirit.

1.      Helps in Easing the Stress
Whenever you inhale or apply an essential oil on your body, the molecules penetrate the skin to enter the blood stream. The aroma molecules are circulated in the entire body and possess healing properties that are capable of regulating the digestive process, ease muscle tension and provide relief in headaches and joint pain.

2.      Brings Harmony to Emotions 
The soothing scent of essential oils is capable of harmonizing human emotions. Those of us suffering from the problem of extreme mood swings must take refuge in the scent therapy. These aromatic particles make contact with olfactory cells present in our nose that further make communication with the brain. These particles contact with limbic portion of the brain that regulates emotions, memories, sexual responses and intuition. 

Due to the calming property of essential oil, all emotions immediately come in right balance. Scents can also trigger old memories, so pick an essential oil that you personally like the most.         

3.      Tame your Tensions with Essential Oils Bath
Taking a cold water shower can release all the accumulated stress in the body in a swish. We suggest you to use essential oils to cleanse your skin and shampoo your hair, instead of opting for regular soaps and shampoos. You can also try a hot water bath with your chosen scent, light a few candles and play some soothing music to get relaxed and align all your emotions in the right direction. A bath with essential oils will help you tame all your tensions that have been bothering your mind for long.      

The benefits of essential oils are countless and aromatherapy is one of them. Scent therapy not only provides healing on the physical level but it also uplifts you on an emotional level. A rejuvenating bath with essential oils can prepare you for a good night’s sleep or restore your energy lost during a hectic day when you plan to step out during the evening.

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