Friday, 19 February 2016

Essential Oil Applications You Probably Didn’t Know: Treating Autism

We have spoken about the rejuvenating effect of Essentials Oils, often helping people overcome stress and mental exhaustion. However, there is more to essential oils in the niche of mental healthcare and healing. Alternative medicine practitioners are increasingly promoting essential oils for treating Autism Spectrum Disorder. ASD is difficult to detect during its initial stage of onset. Its symptoms among children are harder to explain, making the diagnosis and treatment more complex. In fact, most parents with autistic children struggle to find a way to manage their everyday lives as this requires continuous caring. This is where essential oils might surface as a handy, cost-effective solution. Essential oils help people relax, used in aromatherapy sessions across the world. However, autism is a different story, almost impossible to heal entirely. Here, we are going to talk about essentials oils that can help in the treatment of autism:


1. Vetiver oil

Vetiver oil is counted among the more versatile of essential oils used largely in the niche of mental rejuvenation. Blessed with mind-calming properties, the oil helps in controlling anger and irritability. It is also helpful in treating neurotic behaviour. Traditional and herbal medical practitioners often recommend this oil for increasing overall mental focus—something medical experts too have started supporting. Vetiver oil might not cure autism but it helps in symptomatic treatment of the condition, making everyday management of autistic behaviour a bit easier.


2. Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood Oil is often found in herbal concoctions applied on the scalp or skin for its mind-calming properties. This oil is known to stimulate pituitary glands that stimulates synthesis and release of melatonin. The scent of Cedarwood oil is known to promote sleeping, relaxing the mind and improving overall mental acuity. If you want to explore Cedarwood oil, mixed in heavy concentration, with other oils, we recommend Rasheeqa Concentrated Perfume Oil.


3. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is among the commonly used oils for relaxing the nervous system. A natural, efficient antidepressant, lavender oil provides is known to work quickly in relieving stress. It can be used in isolation or combined with other aromatic oils recommended here for managing autism. Try our highly recommended, pure lavender oils without any chemical additives or skin-irritating synthetic ingredients:


4. Frankincense oil

Frankincense essential oil is among the most popular of traditionally used oils for relaxing the mind. Apart from inducing a relaxing effect, the oil boosts overall mental health, increasing the level of consciousness. The brain’s limbic system is stimulated by Frankincense Oil—largely responsible for its recommendation in the management of autism where it helps to control the mood.


Different ways to apply Essential Oils:

·         You can topically mix a few drops of essential oil with coconut oil and then apply on the base of the neck and nape. If you want to try this with an organic version of sandalwood oil, click here:

·      Adding a few drops of essential oil or oil blend to the diffuser/ vaporiser and place it in the child’s room—this works like aromatherapy, helping to restrict typical symptoms of autism like extreme mood swings

·      Applying few drops directly on the child’s skin—ensure you have some degree of knowledge about which oil can be directly applied on the skin since some oils are highly volatile.

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