Monday, 1 February 2016

Counterintuitive Skincare Tips for 2016 Continued

In the previous blog we gave you certain instructions and precautions that you can follow while buying a skin care product. We also gave you some tips regarding which product to apply on what type of skin and which all products to use and not use. Our counterintuitive tips have still not ended. In this blog we are going to give you few more tips for proper skin care treatment.

1.      Don’t use exfoliate everyday
Most of us use exfoliant and face scrubs on the skin as scrubs are believed to remove the dead skin cells, providing you a natural glow from within. However, as against this popular belief, scrubs are way too harsh on skin and using face scrubs on daily basis can not only damage the skin but lead to early skin aging. Our skin has a natural tendency to automatically exfoliate dead skin and we need not to exfoliate it in unnatural ways.  

2.      Keep the Soap Away From Your Face
If you want a smooth and blemish free skin, never apply soap on the face. Soaps usually have a high pH value which disrupts the skin tissues. Soap strips the skin from its natural oils and interferes with the natural sebum production mechanism of the skin. This might lead to over-production of oil and eventually make the skin oily.  A better and natural alternative to soap is honey. Mixture of honey with a suitable essential oil can work as a great cleansing agent and this technique is popularly called honey cleansing or oil cleansing.     

3.      Working on your Diet and Lifestyle is Equally Important 
Beauty is not only about stuffing your face with skin care products, it is also about keeping yourself detoxified from inside. The best way to enhance the skin is through balancing the hormones. You can balance your hormones through proper diet and exercise. Eating a healthy diet not only ensures a natural glow for your face but also makes you feel healthy and fit from within.

Skin care treatment is not only about applying various beauty products but is also related to an overall healthy lifestyle. There are certain products that you need to include in your beauty regimen and some others that you totally need to refrain from. Hope these counterintuitive skincare tips help you with a blessed skin this 2016!


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