Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Why Using Homemade Perfumes is a Better Idea than Synthetic Fragrances

Today, the market is flooded with myriad of perfumes loaded with harmful chemicals. Most of the people prefer using branded perfumes, but regularly using these perfumes might lead to infections or skin irritations. Owing to this homemade perfumes have become quite popular in the recent years as these are safe and also, more personalized. There is a change in people preferences and people are shifting from synthetic to natural perfumes. You can also think of opting for homemade perfumes for the following reasons: 

Long Lasting Fragrance
The homemade fragrances when compared to the synthetic versions last much longer. The natural sprays and body scents are made with natural ingredients. And the most amazing thing is that you smell great all day long without any skin irritation. Natural fragrances do not cause skin irritations and rashes.

Use of Essential oils in Perfumery
The plant based essentials oils are used in fragrances since antiquity but in the past decade essential oils have gained amazing popularity. They are used widely in fragrances that are home made. The oils are extracted naturally by the process of steam distillation. Natural oils such as Ylang Ylang oil, Grapefruit oil and lavender oils are popular in homemade perfumery.

There are more users of homemade perfumes due to very important fact that they cost less when compared to the branded synthetic perfumes which are loaded with harmful chemicals. The ingredients used in perfumes made at home are easily accessible and are not much expensive.

 Due to the above mentioned aspects, homemade fragrances are becoming popular day by day. Apart from this increasing popularity these homemade perfumes can be used without any training. Time to smell great!!

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