Monday, 11 January 2016

Top 6 Beauty Trends for 2016

It is not only the face that attracts attention but personality as a whole!! As we have stepped into the New Year it is important to take care of your skin and overall wellness with renewed vigor. Let us start by highlighting some beauty trends that will make your new year merrier. Add these beauty tips to your beauty regime for a glowing 2016.

Add volume to your tresses
Of course blow dry adds volumes to your hair we agree but achieving voluminous, bouncy hair are difficult to achieve. For a sigh of relief to all those who have been struggling in achieving bouncy locks, 2016 is expected to start the trend of sleek and natural looking hair. Natural is in when talking about 2016. But if you like voluminous hair you can try essential oils that impart bounce to your hair.

Time for Anti-Cellulite Lasers
The anti-cellulite lasers will help you banish the cellulite which is hampering your beauty. So, from now on no more harsh body brushing! Even now there is no need for those invasive surgery and spending hard earned bucks. Go for laser treatments that combine infrared light that stimulates collagen with blood circulation boosting radio frequency. If you wish you can include massaging too. There are also devices that help in regenerating the skin by increasing the collagen levels to make the skin bright and firm.

Chew Your Food
 Spend time on chewing your food to extract the nutrition composed. Take proper time to eat as this will not only accelerate your digestion process buy will also bring a glow on your face from within.

Multitasking Beauty Products
Talking about 2016, the focus is on beauty without compromising on the other tasks. i.e. round the clock skincare with beauty products. The multitasking beauty products will help you achieve your beauty goals without taking less of your precious time. We would recommend using day creams or night creams that contain essential oils as ingredients because these can help you keep your skin refreshed and glowing in the morning.

Anti-pollution: New Year Resolution
Skincare products are getting better day by day and there is a surge for anti-pollution skincare products.  Effect of pollution on skin care is harsh, therefore, it becomes crucial for us to prevent skin damage caused by sun exposure, vehicle pollution (especially in cities). Also, make sure that you remove entire make up before sleeping.

So, these are the trends that are likely to leave an impact in 2016. Approved by beauty experts from all across the world, we bring to you the best skincare tips in this blog.

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