Monday, 4 January 2016

Top 4 Essential Oils for Skin Brightening

Want a brighter skin tone? Fed up of those ugly blemishes and scars that are making your skin look dull and patchy? Then choose the natural plant based essential oils to lighten and brighten the skin tone. Following are the essential oils that work wonders when it comes to skin lightening.

Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil is blessed with powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial and astringent qualities which help in imparting a natural glow to your skin. The oil refreshes the skin and in turn brightens dull skin effortlessly. Being an awesome detoxifier, the oil helps in lightening the skin by improving complexion and skin texture. This oil is concentrated and should always be used with a carrier oil like Grape Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil.

Sandalwood Essential Oil
SandalwoodEssential Oil is a blessing when it comes to lightening of the skin. It is used in myriad of creams, lotions and other beauty products. Having awesome anti-ageing properties, the oil rejuvenates and hydrates the skin. The Sandalwood Essential Oil also has astringent properties which act as a skin tightening agent. It also controls sebum due to which the skin looks dull and assists in making the skin brighter.

Neroli Essential Oil
Neroli Essential Oil is used in numerous beauty products due to its refreshing fragrance and skin lightening properties. The oil stimulates the growth of skin cells to improve complexion by removing the damaged cells and also improves skin elasticity. Apart from improving the skin tone, the versatile oil reduces fine lines and ugly-looking scars. This oil should be used with carrier oils such as Sandalwood, Rosemary and Sage oil.

Lavender Essential Oil
LavenderEssential Oil has amazing antifungal and antiseptic properties to assist in treating ugly blemishes and scars. It also helps in treating sun burn, in turn making your skin fairer and bright. The oil provides a natural glow. When applying Lavender Essential Oil mix it with carrier oils like Cedar wood, Chamomile and Pine.

So what are you waiting for? Start using these oils and make your skin bright, healthy and glowing. Welcome the new you J

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