Sunday, 3 January 2016

Top 3 Essential Oils for Treating Migraine

Migraine is extremely common nowadays. Many people suffer from problems like headache, stress and anxiety on daily basis. Fortunately, essential oil remedy treatments can assist in alleviating migraine pain and other headaches. Today, we are going to discuss top three essential oils for treating migraine.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Peppermint is known for its cooling and soothing properties. It works amazingly to ease stress related headaches. The fragrance of this versatile essential oil uplifts the mood. The Peppermint essential oil soothes the mind significantly whenever a migraine attack creeps up.

Blessed with amazing anti-inflammatory properties, the lavender oil imparts a sedative effect whenever you feel the migraine ache. This oil is mild enough to be applied even if there is a headache due to stress.

Roman Chamomile Oil
Heralded for its anti-inflammatory properties, the Roman Chamomile Oil imparts a sense of calm to the person suffering with migraine. It also reduces irritability. The sedative effect of this wonderful essential oil is amazing and it is blessed with remarkable fragrance. Roman Chamomile Oil helps in assisting in combating insomnia.

 Helichrysum Essential Oil
The Helichrysum essential oil has potent anti-inflammatory properties that help in subduing migraine pain. Since antiquity, the oil is used to treat migraine or other stress related issues.

How to Use the Essential Oils to Relieve Migraine
To relive migraine pain and other headaches, the essential oils can be used in different ways. Following are the methods to use these plant based oils in the most effective manner:

  •     Topical Application- Just add few drops of any of the above mentioned essential oils to your favorite carrier oil (coconut oil, almond oil etc.) and massage gently on your forehead and back of the neck. This will provide a soothing effect.
  •    Inhalation- Put few drops of essential oil on tissue or a cloth and inhale taking deep breathes. This method is easiest and imparts a calming effect.

Tip- Remember that fragrances of the essential oils are very personal. So pour few drops on a cotton ball and inhale to check that the scent does not irritate you before application.

To treat migraine people generally rely on heavy medications that may cause side effects in the long run. A better alternative is to turn towards nature and take help from these plant based essentials oils which are not only useful in treating migraine but are also easy to use.

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