Thursday, 14 January 2016

Mitti Attar- Perfume Descended from Heavens

Are you also obsessed and fascinated by the exotic aroma that rises in those hot summers when temperatures are at their zenith and sudden rains come to the rescue! The captivating aroma arises when hot earth comes in contact with the cold rain water drops! The fragrance is so rejuvenating that it will calm your mind and soul. Mitti attar is inspired from the earthy essence that emerges when rain quenches the thirst of earth and now you can experience the essence anytime as it’s available in bottles! Among many exotic and exclusive fragrances, mitti attar holds a special significance, as it is so scintillating that no one can resist it!

Making of Mitti Attar

Many merchants in countries like India still follow the traditional style of preparing attars for which they rely upon copper cauldrons (degs). They opt for slow distillation to create fragrances from plants. Mitti attar is prepared by the same process, but because being the only fragrance that does not emerge from plants, it relies upon clay disks. The clay disks are placed inside the pots for natural processing and distillation. The process takes about 6 to 7 hours after which the water at the bottom is drained and the oil at the top is collected for further consumption.    

Advantages of Mitti Attars

Mitti attar like any other attar renders various benefits. The attar is capable of effectively curing skin problems. Regular application of the Mitti Attar will give you a glowing, supple and youthful skin. It is highly recommended that one must consult dermatologists or the herbal experts before using the attar as they can suggest best ways to consume the attar.    

The world of attars has uncountable exotic fragrances, out of which Rose, Jasmine, Lavender are highly popular. The world of attars is so magnificent that you will definitely have a hard time in selecting your favorite essence! Delve in to our online world of attars and browse our attars range to reach your favorite fragrance!    

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