Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Mint for Skin- Know Why and How

A miraculous and versatile herb that can do wonders to your skin and can eliminate multiple skin problems is, Mint! Mint is popularly known as Pudina, and has numerous medicinal properties, which make it a valuable plant. Mint leaves and its extracts have wide beauty applications and are used to prepare many herbal remedies for skin care, while its captivating, exotic and strong fragrance will significantly reduce the stress level.    

What Makes Mint Essential?

Mint is high on menthol content, which is why it is capable of rendering cooling effect to the skin. Mint has antibacterial properties too, which make it suitable to be included in the preparation of skin care products such as face wash, conditioners, shampoos and more. Mint can render amazing benefits to the skin and can and can leave you with healthy skin.

Keep Skin Problems at Bay with Mint

Regular consumption of mint will help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. Being anti-bacterial, mint can effectively clean the skin pores and can prevent problems such as acne, pimples and can remove the traces of dirt and pollution. Since ages, it has been used to prepare natural skin care products such as crèmes, moisturizers and face washes. Mint can significantly reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots.        

Applications of Cooling Mint

Mint can successfully treat and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Presence of salicylic acid makes mint suitable for the treatment of scars and acne. Exfoliation with mint is preferred as it is enough for the holistic cleaning of the skin. It can remove the dead skin cell layer and can open the pores. Common home or herbal remedies for minor skin infections, or burns comprises of mint as it can give cooling effect. Natural astringent available in mint can give you bright and unblemished complexion.   

Mint is a treasured herb that has multiple applications and has been standing tall since its inception due to its useful chemical composition. Include mint in your daily skin care regime and get a glowing and healthy skin. Explore our wide and genuine range of natural skin care products such as face packs, shampoo, and more to achieve eternal beauty!   

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