Monday, 11 January 2016

Manage Frizzy Hair with Natural Hair Care Products

Not all of us are blessed with smooth and silky hair. Some of us have to struggle to properly care for them and style them. It is still easy to cope with curly and wavy type of hair but those of us having a frizzy mane have to continuously look for remedies to style or even manage them properly.

Frizzy hair are basically relatively dry hair incapable of holding moisture for a long time. Taking care of this hair type is not an easy task because frizzy hair are extremely sensitive too. Over- styling and over- shampooing can lead to even more damage. Appling chemicals on them is totally out of question. We suggest you to treat your frizzy hair only with natural products because they guarantee effective results without any side effects.   
Here are certain natural remedies using which you can manage your frizzy hairs:

1.      Use White Vinegar after Hair Wash
Apply White Vinegar on your wet hair after a hair wash and comb them with a wide-tooth comb so that hair fall can be avoided. Smoothly flatten your hair cuticles while combing so that they are locked down. This way your hair will start looking smoother and silkier. 

2.      Apply Honey after Shampooing 
Use honey as a conditioner after shampooing your hair. Honey will provide essential moisture to the hair and make them smooth. Add 1 tbsp. of honey to 1 quarter of water and smoothly straighten your hair while combing. 

3.      Condition your hair with Mayonnaise Hair Mask on a Weekly Basis
Mayonnaise nourishes your hair and removes dryness which is the main cause of frizziness. Mix some mayonnaise with olive oil and apply this paste to your hair. Rinse with an organic shampoo after 30 minutes of application. It is best to apply this hair mask on a weekly basis.

4.      Apply Banana and Avocado Paste on Hair Roots
Paste of banana and avocado is very good to apply on hair roots because banana has antioxidant qualities which promote healthy hair growth and avocado has hair nourishing fatty acids. 

5.      Chamomile, an Efficient Frizz Tamer
Use Chamomile as a conditioner after shampooing your hairs. It is a great scalp allergy and acne healer. Applying Chamomile will make your hairs look shiny.

Frizzy hair are difficult to manage because they are extremely dry. You cannot maintain these hair using chemical products because they might lead to even more damage. We suggest you to only go for natural haircare for proper management of frizzy hair.    

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