Thursday, 21 January 2016

Let Your Home Have Its Own Odor Print

Are you wondering what does really odor print mean? Let us explain then, odor print is actually the very own smell that a person or a place possesses, like during your childhood days, you felt a unique smell in your mother’s lap or a special scent you received at the arrival of your favorite teacher. You can always remember a person with the fragrance aura that the person carried around. If I talk about myself, I still remember my classmate from college who always used a pungent smelling deodorant giving others a headache and another one who smelled of sandalwood and tangerine essential oil. Just sitting around her imparted a sense of serenity! However, this blog is not dedicated to odor print of a person but to the odor print of your own home.

How is it Useful?
Smells have the capacity to trigger our memories as some specific fragrance mesmerizes us, transporting our mind to past memories and incidents. The smells that relate us to some pleasant moods of past has the capacity to make us feel safe and relaxed. We tell you how to use this idea (odor print) in your home to make the daily lives better for you and your loved ones. You can choose a fragrance that is calming and soothing to the mind as your home odor print. This fragrance should become a part of your daily routine- used in bathing, washing clothes, incenses and sprayed across the house through air fresheners.

Home Odor and its Effect on Newborns
Studies indicate that if a mother chooses a particular fragrance for her child since birth and makes it a part of his/her daily regimen then the smell remains with the child throughout the growing years, imparting a sense of serenity and safety.  For instance, if a mother chooses lavender for her kid which has a mild fragrance, it helps the child fall asleep peacefully. She would bath her kid in lavender scented soap and then give a massage with lavender oil and also washes his clothes with detergent that contains lavender essential oils. She again spritzes his bedding with some lavender essence water before putting him to bed. Because of using lavender’s smell regularly in his night-time routine, the baby feels relaxed at the hours of sleep. This lavender smell will stay as the odor print of your home and will leave an imprint on the kid’s mind even when he grows up.

You don’t have to use the smell all the days but just use them frequently. Since, smells are all around us, it is a good idea to have a familiar fragrance around you for a homely and safe feeling. So, let us ask you do you have odor print in your home? If not, then pick one of your favorite scents and make your dream abode smell like heaven.

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