Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How to Wear Attar?

You are never fully dressed without perfume. With the world, now shifting from synthetic and artificial products to the natural and pure ones, there has been a drastic change in people’s preferences for attars – natural perfume oil derived from botanical sources. Attar finds a mention in the holy Quran also as it is devoid of alcohol and its pleasant aroma helps in making the environment conducive for prayers. Attar has been also used among Hindu and Buddhist meditational practices. Since attars are the most unique and special perfume that the world has ever got, so there are also some points to keep in mind for wearing attar.

As they are highly concentrated essences, one needs not to take a whiff directly from the bottle. A drop is more than enough to make your whole body smell wonderful. Attars are generally worn directly on your body, inside the wrist, behind the ears, back of the neck and few other parts of your anatomy. We tell you that besides wearing attars directly there are some other ways too for applying them. Read along:

·         You can put a ball of cotton filled with a few drops of attar in your wardrobe for your clothes to have a lasting odor.

·         If you want your house to smell like a rose garden, you may pour a drop of rose attar in your regular essential oil diffuser.

·         You can add just a drop to a tub of water to bathe. You probably will need no body spray, as a faint aroma will stay on your body for a long time.

·        You can also fill your living room with attars for an enchanting fragrance during summers. Add tiny drops of attar in your regular room freshener and witness the magic for weeks.

We hope the discussion would somehow assist you in using attar in your day to day life. Before leaving we would like to suggest that you need not buy attars that smell good on others, or the ones that are considered classics. Your nose has to fall in love with the smell, for it to work on you.

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