Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Few Essential Oil Diffusion Methods

Essential oils have a mesmerizing and enchanting fragrance. Most of the people use them as perfumes and massaging agents but not many folks know that they are excellent room diffusers as well. No matter how expensive a room freshener you purchase from the market, the fragrance will not last very long and if you get one with high synthetic content then it might cause irritation as well. Hence, we suggest you to try essential oils as room diffusers. Essential oils can fill your room with a natural aroma and the scent can remains for days.

In this blog we are going to tell you how to diffuse the natural scent of an essential oil easily and quickly. 

1.      Diffusion using a Simple Tissue
Put 3-4 drops of your preferred essential oil on a tissue. Keep this tissue near you. Any kind of movement in the room will waft the aroma in the air. This method is quick and easy to apply. Although, it will not diffuse much aroma into the room but it is a good technique to use when you are in public area and want to keep yourself away from any stale environmental smell.

2.      Diffusion through Steam
Add two cups of water in a vessel and add 10-12 drops of any essential oil to that water. Add fewer drops if you are using a fragrance that is milder such as Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary etc. The steam will boil the oil and make the fragrance diffuse into the entire room. This is one of the most ideal methods for diffusion as the fragrance spreads in the entire room. The aroma may not be that long lasting and some alteration might happen in the scent of the essential oil. 

3.      Diffusion by using a Candle
Light the wick of a pure soy candle. Burn the candle for about 5 minutes and then extinguish it. Put 1-2 drops of pure essential oil on the melted wax. The oil will evaporate and fragrance will diffuse in the entire area. You should be very careful, while carrying out this diffusion method as essential oils are highly flammable in nature.

The above mentioned techniques are some homemade methods to diffuse an enchanting aroma into the room. You can also use diffusers that are available in the market such as lamp ring diffusers, terracotta and sandstone diffusers, candle diffusers, etc. for obtaining better results.

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