Friday, 8 January 2016

Eccentric Skincare Tips for 2016

Today’s fast paced life does not allow ample time for following a proper skincare routine. Packed working schedules and approaching deadlines take a lot of toll on our mind and body. The tiredness of mind and body caused due to various reasons such as environmental pollution, relationship issues, work load directly reflects on your face and skin.

A dull and pale skin can hamper your personality and lower your self-confidence. Therefore, it is important to look up to date and fresh all the time but most of us do not have time to spend hours on beauty and spa treatments. So, in this blog we are going to tell you some quick and easy to use ways to make your skin look refreshing and young all over again. These tips might seem a bit eccentric but we bring to you this compilation for a ‘glowing’ 2016 ahead.

1.      Japanese Forest Bathing- An Interesting Skin Care Technique
Japanese forest bathing technique has nothing to do with taking a water bath. All you have to do is take a silent walk in a forest area or any natural arena filled with lush green trees with your mind focused on sounds and environment of the forest. This skin care technique has proven to be very effective medically and rapidly finding followers across the globe.

2.      Use Multi Masking for Multiple Results  
If you are suffering from multiple skin care problems and do not have time to treat each ailment separately, we suggest you to apply multi face mask. Apply peppermint below the eyes to cure dark circles, use sandal on the forehead for relaxation and rose or rosemary face mask on cheeks in order to have multiple healing effects. It is a quick skin care technique that gives instant results.

3.      Spas on App store
Today, one can have access to Spa Apps on their phones. These Spa apps are life savior for those people who are looking for a good spa to have a beauty treatment but do not have time for a spa survey. These apps provide all the information regarding skin care treatments that various spas provide.

4.      Treat your Skin with some Homemade Essential Oils
Nothing can beat the healing power that natural products can provide. Essential oils from Rosemary, Lavender, Coconut, Eucalyptus, etc. are known for their instant results. These oils guarantee a blemish free and glowing skin without any kind of side effects.

We would love if you welcome 2016 with a fresh, rejuvenated skin that will keep you aglow throughout the year. So, these slightly out of the box tricks are intended to give your skin a complete makeover this year.

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