Tuesday, 5 January 2016

DIY Natural Perfumes

You still not believe that natural perfumes are truly natural? You also have this misconception that like other synthetic perfumes, these natural perfumes also consist of chemicals. Well, in that case why don’t you make your favorite natural perfume at home? This way you can be 100% sure about the ingredients that are going into your favorite fragrance!

Natural Ingredients in the Perfume
The natural ingredient which you will be using in the process could be any of the below:
·         Leaves: Lavender, Violets, and Rosemary
·         Flowers: Roses, Gardenia, Jasmine, Plumeria
·         Woods: Pine, Rosewood, Agarwood, Sandalwood, and Juniper
·         Essential Oils: Rosemary Oil, Peppermint Oil and Spearmint Oil
·         Fruits: To create a refreshing smell fruits like Lemons and Oranges are used
·         Bark: The bark of some trees are used to add richness such as Cinnamon

The Base
The initial step involves choosing a neutral base for your perfume, you can opt for either an alcoholic base or a thin oil base like jojoba or almond. In case you want to make a more solid perfume, then you can also add coconut oil as your base. If you want to make a lighter perfume then you can simply start by essential oils and filtered water.

Signature notes
Now the next step is signature notes and choosing signature notes is really fun and exciting. Choosing signature notes is all about knowing your personality and choosing the scent as per your personal style. You are free to choose from the wide variety of scent available in the market.

Once you are through with the base and signature notes combination the next vital step is the method of application. For oil based perfumes, roller balls are the best option because they can help you apply the perfume at the desired pulse point for long lasting fragrance, without the chances of oil dripping to your clothes. For alcohol or water mixtures, spray bottles are the best option. For coconut oil as a base use a glass container.

So, prepare your own natural perfume at home so that you have a chemical-free way of smelling good always. Do keep your signature scent a secret so that you are the only one who wears it!

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