Friday, 22 January 2016

Did you know? You can customize your Dreams too…?

What is a Dream pillow? Probably heard this term for the first time? So, let us explain it to you. Fragrances have deep impact on our mind and have the capability to trigger memories. When you sleep in a calm and soothing environment, surrounded by mild fragrances then you are likely to dream better. The concept of dream pillow involves filling your pillow with specific herbs and oils, so that their fragrances when inhaled during sleep can help you feel relaxed. So, a dream pillow is basically a comforting device that induces better sleep during night. Use of dream pillows may help deter night terrors and nightmares and sleep disorders relating to stress.

For Whom are Dream Pillows Meant?
Dream pillows are based on a scientific understanding of how smells and emotions are processed and expressed in the brain. While some people relate scented pillows to spirituality, medicinal practitioners recommend ‘comforting pillows’ for therapeutic purposes. In hospitals, scented pillows are used to cover the smell of medicines so that the patients can feel relaxed. Anybody experiencing disturbed sleep or frequent nightmares can benefit from a dream pillow as the fragrance of herbs and essences in the pillow induce a sense of calm and help you sleep better. Aromatherapy scents used in dream pillows help in deterring stress-related sleep disorders.

What to put in your Dream Pillow?  
·         If you need calm and relaxation: The very well-known scents of Chamomile and Lavender are helpful for stopping nightmares and other stress related sleep disorders.

·         For imaginative dreams: If you want to indulge yourself in vivid and creative dreams, then you can use combinations of Jasmine, Hops, Rose petals, Lemon Verbena, Mimosa, Mint, Cloves, Lemongrass, Orange peel and Marjoram.

·         For more brighter and lucid dreams: Inducing essenti
al oils Anise, Clary Sage and Clove in your pillow and also Sandalwood, Palo Santo, Rose and Patchouli would help shaping your dreams more clear and transparent.

·         To feel comfort and reassurance: If you are far away from home or if you have shifted to a new home, then you might need some comfort to sleep and using combinations of Marjoram, passionflower, clary sage, rose and Ylang would certainly fulfill your need.

However, you can add odors with your own set of choice which will aid you travel to a special past in your dreams. That certain smell might be a perfume or aftershave or any other that evokes your memories and makes you nostalgic. So, here we suggest you to try it at home and sleep amidst special fragrances making your nights more pleasurable.

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