Sunday, 31 January 2016

Counterintuitive Tips for Natural Skin Care in 2016

Our skin is a thin membrane with high absorbent properties. So, anything that you apply to the skin is readily absorbed by it. Hence, one needs to be highly cautious about the products that one applies to the skin. Many products in the market claim that they are natural but you cannot trust their authenticity. It is better to go for some homemade products but make sure that these skin care remedies that are made using a trusted recipe. As we are in the initial months of 2016, we have collected some counterintuitive tips for Natural Skincare:

Check the authenticity of the product- Is Your Natural Product Really Natural?
Many cosmetic products in the market claim that they are natural and promise to give a glowing and blemish free skin. We suggest you to not fall for these big marketing tactics as these products will only leave you with almost no results. Some products even contain toxic ingredients that should not be applied on skin in any case. Prepare some moisturizers, toners, creams at home using natural ingredients and essential oils.

Breaking the Convention- Oily Products for Oily Skin
Everyone recommends non-oily skin care products to those having an oily skin. But we suggest you to try the other way around. Apply some extra oily creams on your skin for about a month. This practice can be a little difficult to follow initially but after some time your skin will adjust to the regime, preventing excess sebum production which takes place in oily skin to cope with dryness.

Don’t use a Night Cream
Most of us prefer to apply a night cream on face, legs and arms before sleeping, which is not a very great idea though. While we are sleeping our skin is busy regenerating itself, extracting out impurities and balancing the oil, produced by our body. Application of night cream interferes with the working of skin’s natural regenerating mechanism. It is not able to send right signals to the sebaceous glands which produce oil in our body, which may eventually result in even drier skin. If you want a skin with a balanced amount of pH, you should definitely not apply night creams.
When it comes to skincare, breaking the norms helps sometimes as everybody has a different skin tone and texture. Follow these counterintuitive tips this year and see if these render the desired results.

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