Sunday, 17 January 2016

Best Essential Oils for Sinus

One of the common medical conditions related to the respiratory system nowadays is sinus; which is caused due to the inflammation of nasal passage. The reason for inflammation may range from pollutants to allergens present in the air, bacteria, fungi and viruses. The symptoms of sinus include fever, headache, bad breath and sore throat. If you are tired of trying heavy medication then resort to nature and trust natural oils for unclogging your sinus. Below is the list of top four essential oils that can help you deal with your sinus sans the side effects.

Lavender Oil
Lavenderoil is awesome for sinus congestion as it clears sinuses by assisting in treating inflammation and helps in fighting the bacteria that cause infection. Lavender essential oil imparts ease of breathing and also boosts the immune system. You can diffuse lavender essential oil or mix it with few drops of carrier oil like Tea Tree, Rosemary and Eucalyptus to make a blend for topical application.

Lemon oil
Lemon essential oil helps in relieving the miserable pain you experience when it comes to sinus. The oil is not only helpful for relieving sinus pain but also assists in improving immunity and treating respiratory issues. Blessed with antibacterial properties, the oil efficiently relieves respiratory inflammation.

Roman Chamomile oil
The calming roman chamomile oil helps in treating sinus infection and other respiratory issues. Being a great sedative, the Roman Chamomile oil assists in curing congestion and other respiratory inflammations. This anti-allergic oil prevents the growth of bacteria in the nasal passages. The relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties make the immune system strong and also reduce irritation.

Peppermint oil
Peppermint essential oil opens up the nasal passage when it is clogged, thus reducing headaches. This cooling essential oil has menthol that helps in soothing the pain. The oil helps in relieving congestion symptoms. The best way to intake peppermint oil for dealing with sinus is to put a few drops of the essential oil in boiling water and take in the steam. The Peppermint oil will instantly clear the nasal passage to relieve congestion.

The above mentioned essential oils can be used in a variety of ways for treating sinus. You can topically apply them by mixing with a carrier oil or add a few drops of oil in bathing water. These can be inhaled directly or diffused for a milder effect.  

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