Thursday, 7 January 2016

Beauty Predictions for 2016 Continue. . .

New Year has arrived with brand new beauty tips. In 2016, we are witnessing amazing shifts in beauty trends as compared to the past few years. People are most focused upon sporting a natural look with minimal amount of make-up. More attention is being paid to follow a regular fitness regime in order to have a fit and good looking body. Most of us are also looking for spa solutions in order to detoxify ourselves from inside. In our previous blog we brought some eccentric skincare tips for the year 2016 and this blog the predictions for the year ahead will continue.

Natural Looking Hair
Artificially straightened and blow dried hair are not in trend anymore. People are moving towards hair having an all-natural appeal. Wigs and hair extensions are no more a preferred choice. Blow drying heavily to achieve the desired volume is not in vogue anymore and 2016 will see dominance of natural haircare products and a sleeker, more natural blow-dry. Opt for a herbal shampoo that not only repairs damaged hair but also provides nourishment from within.

A Fitness Regime Based on Apps
Everyone likes to flaunt a good looking and toned physique. A slim, slender and proportionate body is good enough to gather attention. Following a good fitness regime in order to get into the desired body shape is one of the top emerging trends of 2016. Most of us cannot take out extra time to go to a gym, in such a situation, you can help yourself by downloading a fitness app in your phone where you can get trained from world’s leading personal trainers.

Try Brazilian Beauty tips
In 2016, we are seeing large number of women turning towards Brazilian beauty products and fitness formulas in order to get a flawless skin with toned-up body. Natural and ethnic Brazilian beauty treatments are quite a rage in the market among women these days. Both men and women are looking forward to take Zumba and salsa classes to ensure physical fitness.  

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