Monday, 25 January 2016

Astrological Essence- Scents According to Your Zodiac

Do you know your zodiac fragrance? Yes, these days there is a segment in the niche of fragrances that caters to zodiac signs. The zodiac collection of scents is prepared by adding the extracts of flowers, essential oils, herbs which are then processed together to manufacture a heavenly fragrance. Different fragrances affect mind and body differently and if you are finding it hard to reach the best fragrance for you, then narrow down the search based upon your zodiac sign. Scroll down to find out which fragrance is best for you:-

Fragrance for Aries: Rejuvenate and Motivate

Fragrances that have traces of grapefruit and lavender are perfect for Aries. It will stimulate blood flow and will uplift your mood and will leave you highly motivated. These fragrances will influence you to the core of your mind and body and will leave you with a positive outlook.  

Taurus: Fragrances for Contentment and Pleasure  

Fragrances that are fine fusion of peppermint and chamomile flower are suited for those under Taurus sunsign. These fragrances can reduce their stress levels and can help them unload their mind. Soothing properties of peppermint and chamomile can fuel the spirit of contentment in body.     

Scents for Gemini: Calm and Relax  

Rosemary and sage scents are perfect for Gemini. The calming properties of these two will affect your mind, will calm it down and will stimulate clarity in thought. If you are a Gemini and have an unstable mind, or if you suffer from anxiety, then these fragrances will help you restore the peace of mind!

Cancer: Boost Confidence with Burdock Fragrance

Burdock root is the fragrance for Cancerians. Cancerians who feel confused, uncertain or not confident about their actions can opt for aromatherapy session with aroma of burdock root and brighteye flower.

Leo: Rejuvenate and revitalize

Gingko biloba and hawthorn are the fragrances meant for this zodiac as they help in shedding pessimistic approach and induce positivity.

Virgo: Relax with Rosewood

Virgos should opt for the fragrances that are infused with extracts of peppermint and rosewood. Rosewood fragrance will enable you to analyze situation better react more responsibly in critical times.  

Libra: Stimulate Feeling of Security  

If Libra is your Zodiac sign then Orange and clove are the zodiac fragrances for you. They can refresh your mind and soul. If negative emotions have overpowered you and you do not feel secure then opt for scents that include clove and orange, as it will definitely uplift your mood.   

Rose fragrance for Scorpions

If you are a scorpion then fragrance of rose and sassaparilla root will revitalize your body with positivity and enthusiasm. It will leave you with a positive outlook.  

Alfalfa Leaf Fragrance for Passionate Sagittarians

Sagittarians should switch to myrrh and alfalfa leaf scents as it will induce positive emotions in your mind and body. It will calm your nerves and will give you a relaxed and serene feeling. 

Frankincense Fragrance for Capricorns 

Scents that include devil's claw root and frankincense extracts can stable your mind and can resolve behavioral issues related to stubbornness and close minded approach.    

Aquarius Gratitude

Aquarians should look for aromas that are prepared with dandelion and pau d'arco extracts will infuse a thankful attitude within you. All those who lack this appreciating approach should consider these fragrances and develop a positive perspective towards everything.  

Pisces: Fragrances that Stimulate Patience 

Apt zodiac fragrances for Pisceans are clary sage and mugwort. They have calming properties that can give peace of mind. These fragrances can reduce the stress and can leave you in a relaxed zone.

Aromas of these exotic flowers and essential oils can soothe the nerves and can infuse positive vibes in you. We have a wide range of these exotic fragrances to rejuvenate you. Explore our range and pick your fragrance according to your zodiac sign. 

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