Sunday, 10 January 2016

5 Skincare Products for Men

Nowadays men are as serious regarding skin care as women. And why shouldn’t they be? Men toll equally hard all through the day and their skin also needs a breather. The recent increase of men’s skin care products is testament enough for the growing inclination towards men skincare. It quite evident that when men face skin problems like acne, wrinkles, redness in certain areas and blackheads they are quite serious about treating them too.

While buying any product, men should definitely check their skin type. It is because their skin is hard and rough in nature and applying a wrong product would yield no results. In this blog we are going to discuss about some skin care products for men, in accordance to their skin type.

1.      Use Effective Face Cleanser for Your Skin
Most of the men use harsh face scrubs and soaps on their face which make the skin look dry and dull. We suggest menfolk to wash their face with a mild face wash before taking a bath. Use colloidal oatmeal as a face wash. Oatmeal is a skin friendly and natural ingredient suitable to be applied on all skin types.

2.      Use a Good After-Shave
Most of the After Shaves that come in the market contain alcohol, which is not good for the skin because it leads to early skin aging and wrinkles. Use an After-shave which is hydrating in nature and soothes the skin. You can try Aloe Vera gel as an after shave as it effectively takes out all the blackheads and dirt accumulated in the skin.

3.      Facial Moisturizer- A Must Have!
If you want to have a soft skin, a good moisturizer is a must have. Those having a dry and dehydrated skin must apply a good moisturizer everyday on their skin. If your skin is a bit oily then using a moisturizer daily is not that crucial and it can be applied every now and then.

4.      Apply Sunscreen Lotion Before Going Out
Most of the men do not bother to apply sunscreen on the skin before going out which results in skin tan and rashes. It is recommended to buy a sunscreen lotion with SPF more than 30, which can go deep into your skin and protect it from any damage.

5.      Essential Oils- the Most Effective Skin Care Formula
If you want After Shave, face cleanser, moisturizer and face mask, all in one, then all you have to do is find the right essential oil according to your skin type. Prefer coconut and rosemary if you have a dry and dehydrated skin. Go for almond oil and eucalyptus oil if you have an oily skin. In case you have a normal skin we suggest you to have oatmeal essential oil. Oatmeal essential oil is suitable to all skin types. Suggest you to pick your choices on

Men nowadays are serious about taking care of their skin. The above mentioned recommendations can go a long way in helping men take care of their skin in a simple yet effective manner.          

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