Monday, 4 January 2016

4 Best Skin Lightening Oils

Gone are the days when people used to apply expensive moisturizers or creams on their face to for obtaining that perfect, blemish-free skin. These expensive cosmetic products have been replaced by the essential oils which are trending these days. This popularity is not only because of the enchanting fragrance of these oils but also because these oils are rich in fatty acids which strengthen your skin barrier. Essential Oils advance skin elasticity, preventing skin breakdowns and also balance the skin’s pH level. Not only this, essential oils are also rich in a variety of vitamins, minerals and active antioxidant.

We all are born with a particular skin tone but with time, we are more likely to lose our natural skin color due to pollution or exposure to harmful sun rays. To get your natural skin color back, you can rely upon the following essential oils:

1.      Lemon oil- Attained from lemon peel, it takes around one ton of fresh lemon fruit to make six pounds of lemon essential oil. Its acidic nature helps in reviving dull skin and brightening the skin tone.  Lemon essential oil is strong so should not be used undiluted, just add 5 drops of this oil to water or your carrier oil to get soft skin with citrus smell.

2.      Carrot seed oil- Just one teaspoon of Carrot seed oil requires 3,000 seeds of the Wild Carrot plant and just a few drops of this oil is sufficient for getting back your natural skin tone. Rich in beta-carotene this oil reduces pigment formation. Perfect for the daily oil, adding a few drops to your carrier oil will do wonders to your skin.

3.      Lavender oil - Packed with anti-fungal properties, this oil is used for various beauty treatments. Removing sun burns and rashes, this oil reveals the natural tone of the skin and helps you get the glow back. Lavender oil is one of the few oils which can be applied directly to the skin.

4.      Rose oil- Proven to be best skin lightening oil, this oil is appreciated for its rich smell and various benefits. Mixing five drops of this oil with a half cup of chilled milk can enhance skin tone and can reduce wrinkles giving you a fresh and glowing skin.

Essential oils should be applied to your skin safely and should be diluted in the right ratio to avoid skin infections and other harmful effects. So, wait no more and add any of these four essential oils to your beauty kit without further delay!

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