Friday, 11 December 2015

Rose Attar- A Versatile Essential Oil

Rose Attar is essentially extracted from Damascus rose flower, found in the Himalayas which is harvested after the monsoon rain and then distilled with sandalwood oil. This attar is an enchanting amalgam of aroma of the Rose harvest and subtle sandalwood oil which gives euphoria to your senses and evokes the feelings of love and compassion in your mind.  

Rose Attar is therapeutic in nature; hence it provides a calming and relaxing experience to the mind and brain nerves. This Attar is renowned for its powers of sexual rejuvenation and sensuality. The best thing about Rose Attar is that it suits all body types and supports any kind of body odor.

How and Why to use Rose Attar?
Rose Attar works wonder on those people who have a habit of overactive thinking which results in a disturbed mind and lifestyle. It can be directly applied to the body or can be used to give a gentle massage on neck and shoulders. You can also mix some Rose Attar in your hair oil which will immediately calm your nerve cells and regenerate a sense of romance and calmness in your mind. You can also add few drops in water while bathing which will give you a gleaming and fresh look. Application of Rose Attar on forehead, in between the eyebrows and feet provides self-healing and also enhances meditation.  

Gives Soothing Effect on Mind and Body
Rose Attar is used in a wide variety of cosmetic items like perfumery and soaps due to its light and mind rejuvenating fragrance. As per Ayurveda, it is tri-doshic in nature which means that it goes well with all body types and mixes well with all kind of body odors. Since it is mind calming in nature, it automatically heals the body giving you a high level of energy and stamina.  

Rose Attar is an intelligent choice to invest upon. The healing effect of this Attar coming directly from the lap of nature is body and mind rejuvenating. It is used in a variety of cosmetics and can be directly applied to the body as well.  

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