Monday, 7 December 2015

Organic Or Chemical Perfumes, What Is The Right Choice?

Fragrance forms a very important part of one’s personality. It defines you as a person by showcasing your choices, preferences and habits. One should have a unique signature smell which is exclusively associated with you. The perfume may smell different while application but once it reacts with your body, it may turn into an entirely different aroma, and hence it is very important to choose an odor product judiciously.

Organic perfumes or chemical perfumes—what to choose from
There is a huge line of chemical perfumes, easily available in the market from the top leading brands; on the other hand, organic perfumes are a bit difficult to get. Organic perfumes available in the market may pose the guarantee of being pure and natural, but you cannot trust its authenticity.
Chemical perfumes on the other hand, which are easily available at stores, come in a variety of odors ranging from mild to strong smelling. You can pick a fragrance that suits you the best but it has the chances of reacting with your body and cause skin allergies. Organic perfumes are body, mind and spirit uplifting, although, they are a little difficult to prepare at home.

How to prepare organic perfumes at home?
Organic perfumes are pure in nature and have botanical ingredients; they contain no harmful chemicals, are environment friendly, support organic farming and ethically produced. Organic perfumes contain a variety of essential oils, and hence they are energizing in nature and helps improving the concentration. There is a variety of raw materials that you can pick to make your own organic perfume, which suits your personality the best, as well as you can mix some essential oils to have a unique effect and odor, like mixing Rosemary oil with Lavender or coconut with Tree oil, which will enable you to have a unique fragrance and unique style. 

So, choose an essential oil that suits your personality and adds to your style. It may be a little difficult and time consuming to prepare an authentic organic perfume, but in the long run, it is a far better option to go for. Chemical perfumes, however easily available in the market, may not be suitable for your skin type.

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