Thursday, 31 December 2015

Natural Perfumery- Where it stands in 2016?

Commercial perfumes which are easily available in the market contain chemicals and preservatives that might harm your skin and some of them come at a very expensive price. On the other hand, natural perfumes are not only enchantingly nice smelling but also have therapeutic and healing value. Authentic natural perfumes are not easily available in the market but they can be prepared easily at home with the help of some natural ingredients.    

We strongly recommend you to try your hand on Natural Essential Oils which are gaining popularity with every passing year. In this blog, we intend to discuss some Natural Perfumery trends that you can easily see in coming 2016.

Reenergize Yourself with Green Fragrance
People are following more natural skin enhancing and fragrance options which are also environment friendly these days. Being nature friendly and going green is the most followed trend. If you wish to feel more focused and motivated in the most nature friendly way, nothing can be better than sprinkling some of the green fragrances on your body. The Green Fragrances are made up of some noted ingredients which includes freshly cut grass, tree sap, herbs, leaves and gum resin derived from Persian plants that instantly makes you feel energized, grounded, and clear headed.

Experiment with different scents through Scentscaping
Scentscapingis a technique in which you mix and match different essential oils and fragrance in order to have a unique and different scent altogether. This technique is slowly gaining popularity these days. Through this technique you can recreate or alter the mood of various rooms of your home. Scentscaping also has the ability to reenergize and uplift you when you are feeling gloomy. 

Traditional Essential Oils, the Ever Green Trend
Natural Essential Oils that can never go out of trend include oils extracted from Coconut, Rosemary, lavender, Mustard seed. These traditional essential oils are known for their mystic fragrance and also have great therapeutic and healing value at the same time.

If you are too confused about which trend to follow, nothing can be better than going for traditional essential oils. Although synthetic perfumes are easily available in the market but they can be quite unfriendly towards your skin. In such a case we suggest switching to natural perfumery in the year 2016.

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