Monday, 28 December 2015

Natural Facial Oils for a Nourished Skin this Winter

Your skin needs double the moisture and nourishment during the harsh winter months. Applying chemical infused crèmes, lotions and moisturizers might give you temporary results, but will be harmful in the long run. Some winter creams leave the skin looking oily and your complexion slightly darker. However, you have one solution that can render the skin a blemish-free glow sans the side effects- essential oils.

Expert dermatologists and skin experts from around the world believe that essential oils can do wonders to the skin as they are loaded with moisture and minerals that your skin requires. Winters are the time when skin gets dry and its moisture and nourishment requirements gets doubled, and essential oils can satisfy this need well. Junk the painful and artificial ways and opt for reliable and natural methods to get glowing and unblemished skin this winter.

Essential oils applications

Essential oils have wide applications; they can give you relief from every skin disease and can help you in maintain the texture & youthfulness of the skin, especially in winters. Essential oils that are commonly preferred and referred by beauty experts for skin are Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Rose Oil, Lavender Oil, Oudh Oil, Sandalwood Oil and more. All the above mentioned oils can leave you with glowing and healthy looking skin.    

Consumption of essential oils

It is highly recommended to consult the experts on how one should use the essential oils. Take direction from experts on how to apply and in what quantity you should apply the oils. Excessive consumption will not give you the desired results, so discuss with the specialists, before you proceed. The usage of oils is entirely dependent upon the skin problem you want to treat & your skin type, as different oils have different characteristics and features that make them apt for consumption for specific skin ailments & particular skin type.        

Convenience to use Essential oils

Essential oils can be used in multiple forms. Oils, crèmes, moisturizers are the most common forms into which these essential plants are processed and are dispatched for further consumption. The most popular form in which they are used is oils. Oils are considered highly pure and very less processed, that makes them capable of rendering best and fast results.    

Fights various skin problems

If you are suffering from ageing, dryness, pimples, acne or any other skin problem you can get it treated effectively by consuming these essential oils. Essential oils are very beneficial for your skin, so opt the herbal way and eliminate the skin problems once and for all!
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