Saturday, 5 December 2015

Must Have Essential Oils for a Lady

Choosing the right kind of fragrance plays a very crucial role in enhancing one’s personality. Your fragrance signifies what kind of person you are; it also enables the other person to judge your habits, preferences and lifestyle, hence it is very essential for a lady to pick the right kind of fragrance that suits her personality. One should not prefer to use those loud and artificial fragrances, or anything that might pose allergic issues to the skin; the perfect choice for a lady is to use the essential oils.

Essentials oils are natural, nourishing, and helps in uplifting one’s mind and spirit. They have the ability to make your skin look flawless and blemish free, help your hair grow long and look beautiful. They also help your body to transform into that perfect shape. However, it is also very important to pick those essential oils that suit your skin and personality. Here are few essential oils that a lady must have in her purse:

Lemon and Fresh Peppermint Paste for a Refreshing Smell and Look
Lemon has the ability to revitalize you by enhancing the immunity system; on the other hand peppermint has a refreshing fragrance which makes you look fresh and up to date. You can gently apply it on the arms, behind the ears and on the neck region; you can also apply it on the armpits for a cool and soothing effect.

Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier
You need not to put your money into commercial and expensive hand sanitizers. Take a quarter of a thieves paste into your hands, gently rub it, and your hands are clean, blooming with refreshing fragrance of thieve leaves.

Rose-Ointment Moisturizer
Products extracted from rose are best to be applied on the facial region, which makes your face look charming and flawless. Use rose water to wash your face and rose oil moisturizer to nourish it—you will be amazed to see the glow on your face in a matter of few days.

Grape Fruit, Lavender and Cinnamon for Lip Balm 
A lip balm is a must for any lady, especially in the winter season, Use the paste of grapefruit, lavender and cinnamon as a lip balm; it makes your looks look supple and full.


Essential oils are definitely a better option than the commercial fragrances available in the market. They come with a nourishing touch along with a soothing fragrance. The above mentioned examples are extremely beneficial to enhance your body, mind and spirit.    

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