Wednesday, 9 December 2015

How to Gleam with the Fragrance of Oud Wood

Oud wood is among the most authentic and old fragrances available in the market. It is said to have a “hitting the heaven” aroma which makes it one of the most sought after fragrances even today. The essential oils extracted from Oud wood have a mesmerizing fragrance. It is extensively used in the oriental cultural, especially in the south East Asian regions due its Ayurvedic and medicinal qualities. Oud wood has an ability to fill your surroundings with epic charm.

In this blog we will share with you some prudent tips to apply Oud wood oil on your body which will add a mystical and divine aspect to your personality.

Apply the Oud Wood oil on your vital parts.
Most of the people are uncertain about the correct way of applying essential oil on the body. The essential oil might smell entirely different before reacting with your body and once it reacts with your skin, it gives an entirely different odor, which is a mixture of your body odor and the odor of the essential oil.

Apply Oud wood oil gently on wrist, neck, palms and the shoulder region, because the essential oil reacts most swiftly with these regions. Take a little bit of oil on your index finger and gently rub it on your wrist. To apply on neck and shoulder, put some oil on the first three fingers and massage it on both the sides and behind, finally rub them on the palms. If you want to smell 'long and loud', you can apply some Oud Oil on the accessories that you are wearing like bracelets, ring and handbag. Do not apply the Oud wood oil on your clothes as it may stain them.

Burning Oud Wood for a Clean and Divine Aroma
If you want something quick and long lasting, then simply burn the Oud wood and sprinkle the scent on your clothes. While burning the Oud wood chips make sure to burn it on a clean mica plate that can be easily found for burning incense. Burning Oud Wood is a slightly better option as it is easier to process and apply and gives a charismatic odor to surroundings as well.

Oud Wood Essential Oil has an Ayurvedic touch to it, which gives you a mystical fragrance. Preferably apply this essential oil on neck, shoulder and wrist to have a long lasting effect.

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