Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Fir Needle Essential Oil- A Mesmerizing Scented Moisturizer

Fir Needle Essential Oil has a celebrative essence to it because it is derived from the Christmas Fir tree. Having a medium crisp, fresh and peppy aroma, this oil has some commendable soothing properties too. Apart from the scent, Fir Needle Oil is also appreciated for its antiseptic, antioxidant and healing properties that make it an effective healing product. The oil contains constituents of alpha and pineane that are soothing in nature. You can easily dilute and blend it with vegetable oil for direct application to the skin. Owing to the therapeutic nature of the oil, one can dilute it in drinking water to treat infections.

Not many people know that Fir Needle Oil gives wonderful healing results in problems of arthritis, muscular pains, inflammation and rheumatism. By augmenting the metabolism of the body Fir Needle Essential Oil boosts your overall fitness. Winter is the season that claims the most nostalgic scents and out of all fragrances, Fir Needle Oil is probably the most mesmerizing one. Fir Tree not only keeps intact the essence of the holiday season but is a complete natural skincare treatment. It has ability to detoxify the body and reduce body odor.

Fir essential oil provides good results when applied on the skin. You can use it as a moisturizer for skin enhancement in order to have lovely and blemish free skin. You can blend it with different oils and natural ingredients in order to have better results.

Add Some Cocoa Butter and Sheer Oil to Make a Moisturizer Perfect for Winters
Mix equal amounts of cocoa butter and sheer oil to fir oil and gently apply it on skin. The moisturizer made out of this mixture provides nourishment to skin, especially good to be applied in winters.

Blend with Coconut Oil for a Hydrating Effect
Coconut oil is the most easily available oil. Adding some amount of coconut oil in fir needle oil can prove to be the best hydrating formula, especially in winter season. You can also apply the mixture before taking a bath.

Since Fir Oil can be easily diffused and diluted with different oils and creams, you can mix it up with the regular creams that you use regularly. Mixing fir oil with your regular creams will give a better moisturizing effect to your skin. In fact, using this scented oil ensures that you no longer need to indulge in expensive perfumes as the aroma of Fir Needle Oil will keep you smelling good for long.

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