Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Essential Oils Uses and Benefits

Essentialoils have been used since many years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their emotionally uplifting properties. Do pure essential oils exist? Yes, the purest essential oils are far more influential than the botanical from which they were extracted. If you own a bottle of an essential oil it means that you are holding a bottle of nature's pure essence.

How do you use essential oils?
There are many different kinds of application methods to use essential oils-application to skin, ingestion or inhaling.

How can you use essential oils for your own benefits?
·         Massage: To make mixture for a relaxing massage, choose 3 essential oils and add 2 drops of those 3 essential oils to 12mls of massage base oil.

·       Inhalation: You can inhale essential oils by adding a few drops of the selected oil to a container of hot steamy water and let the essential oil molecules pass through your respiratory system by taking a steam.

·       Vaporizing: If you want to have the aura of essential oil in your room to brighten your mood, then choose 3 essential oils and add 2 drops of each essential oils to the candle or switch on the electric vaporizer.

·     Bathing: Tired of your hectic and busy life? In that case, only a good and refreshing bath can do wonders for you. Add 3 drops of selected oil to one teaspoon of sweet almond massage base oil. Get yourself in and relax for 10 minutes.

·        Compress: Essential oils can also be used a skin sanitizer. Have a glowing skin by adding 3 drops of each essential oil to a bowl of warm water.  Stir the water carefully, soak a cloth in the water and then finally press the cloth to your face.

·        Foot bath: Your legs don’t get to relax even for a minute due to this busy city life. Essential oils can save your legs from all the pain it bears. Add 2 drops of 3 essential oils chosen by you in a large water bowl. Stir the water well and then soak your feel in for at least 15 minutes.

·        Body rub: You don’t need to go to an expensive spa to have a body massage. With the availability of essential oils, you can have your own spa. Choose 3 essential oils and add 2 drops of each essential oil to 12mls of massage base oil. Start from your feet and apply it to your body, going up towards the neck.

Essential oil is really beneficial for your body and skin. But you also need to take special precautions at the time of using it to the delicate skin areas. Use only pure essential oils supplied by a well trusted vendor so that you can be sure of their authenticity.


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