Thursday, 10 December 2015

Aromatherapy for Acne

Acne is a common problem among teenagers; it occurs due to hormonal changes in between the age of 12-18, but continues to be a problem for some people even in their twenties. Acne is basically development of pimples, spots and blackheads on face, neck or back region. The problem of acne is not just physical; it also makes the individual a little self-conscious about his own skin. It happens due to the excessive production of oil, called sebum, on your skin which is also use to protect the skin. The most common reasons behind having acne in the twenties is generally associated to leading an unbalanced lifestyle with stress as well as unhealthy eating habits, which makes your body internally weak.       

Essential Oils for Skin Treatment
Aromatherapy from basic essential oils is the best way to cure acne. Essential oils have the ability to make your skin look young, fresh and blemish free. You can use the below mentioned essential oils on your skin in order to get away with acne issues.

Carrier oil mixed with natural oil can have a profound effect on your skin. You can directly apply it on your pimples and damaged area. Make sure that the mixture is not diluted more than 2%. You can also take the steam therapy. This mixture has a medicinal aroma, which is also effective in stress removal. You can also use this mixture as a skin toner and tonic.

Tea tree oil is the most effective remedy to remove acne with its antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties. Use the mixture of tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lavender and germium to apply for effective results. Jojoba oil is not greasy in nature, and hence it helps cleaning the skin pores. This mixture can be best used as a moisturizer or face scrub.

Rose water and Rose face mask is an age old and the most effective way to regenerate your skin.  Mixture of aloeveera gel, neem, and rosemary oil can work wonders on your skin. It is a sure formula for the removal of acne.     

Acne is a common problem in today’s stressed and fast-paced environment. Aromatherapy is by far the most effective and assured way to remove acne problems. You can use a mixture of essential oils as face masks, toners and scrubbers to work on your skin in order to make it blemish free. 

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