Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Aromatherapy- An Efficient and Unique Way to Cure Depression

We live in a fast paced world which demands physical and mental efficiency, but unfortunately we do very little for our mental and physical health. Our attention is drawn to our deteriorating health only when we problems like headache, back pain, abdominal problems, frustration and depression take a massive toll on us. It is a hard hitting fact that people rarely take out time for their body and mind and follow regenerating practices like exercise, yoga and meditation.

Aromatherapy is one such regenerating process which is a great healer- both mentally and physically. The essential oils which are quintessential to aromatherapy have the ability to revitalize your mind, body and soul and show positively drastic results after few sessions.

Massage and Fragrance Therapy from Essential Oils to Trace Out Stress
Essential oils extracted from the most revitalizing products like sesame seeds, coconut, olive, almond, rosemary, tree till and rose oil can be used to give energizing massages. Apply these body oils on your most stressed body parts like back, neck, shoulders and legs to loosen up the body tissues over there. You can choose the fragrance that you like the most which goes along the vibrations of your mind and body. Aromatherapy has the ability to boost your immune system, providing an overall boost to your health.

Use Different Essential Oil for Different Body Parts
Interestingly each essential oil is uniquely associated with different parts of our body and has a unique effect over there. For example head massage with coconut oil triggers your nerve cells and makes you feel relaxed along with making the hair smooth and soft. Peppermint is primarily used for arms and the abdominal region, mustard oil for back, legs and shoulders.  Lavender and rose oils are best for face and neck region to give you a fresh and gleaming look.

Aromatherapy is not a newly generated concept but a tested body and mind revitalizing technique used since centuries. Every essential oil has a unique fragrance and effect on different parts of our body, making Aromatherapy suitable for dealing with different physical and mental ailments in a natural way. 


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