Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Guide to Essential Oils Dilution

Essential oils are a part of our daily life and in our previous blogs we have discussed about its various uses including some unexplored health and skin benefits. You may not be new to aromatherapy and you may be using essential oils for your skin or body since years, but do you know that it is necessary to dilute essential oils before you use them? If no, then we will tell you why.

Why is it necessary to dilute essential oils?
You may be applying essential oils to your skin without diluting it and you have not faced any side effects until now. But essential oils are highly concentrated so you may harm your skin in future. Here is why you should dilute essential oils:
  •         To avoid irritation and sensitization.
  •          To cut down the expense related with essential oil therapy
  •          To avoid stronger therapeutic effect

Essential oils dilution guidelines                        
To provide you with better understanding, we have come with the exact percentages of essential oils that you should dilute with the carrier oil before using it.
  •  1% dilution oil should be used for those who have delicate skin or other serious health issues. Generally, children under the age of 6, elder people and pregnant women fall in this category.
  • 2% dilution is best for adults as this percentage of dilution is good for daily and skin care issues.
  • 3%-10% dilution should be used for minor health issues like a muscle injury or other temporary health problems.
  •   25% dilution should only be used for a major muscle cramp or severe pain.

Translation of percentage dilution to drops
  •   1% dilution equals approximately 5 or 6 drops
  •    2% dilution equals approximately 11 to 12 drops
  •  3% dilution equals approximately 16 to 18 drops

Dilution of essential oil in the proper amount is for your safety and is better to stick to the prescribed quantities. Some gentle oils like Lavender and Tea Tree Oil can be applied directly to the skin but most other oils give best results when diluted with a suitable carrier oil.

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