Thursday, 19 November 2015

Why Natural Fragrances Are Better

When it comes to beauty treatments, home-made remedies and naturally tested products have proved to be better than the synthetically manufactured ones. People everywhere have now started switching to natural products and are dumping the synthetic and chemical products in most of the beauty product categories. But, still when comes to perfumes, everybody tends to buy the branded synthetic fragrances without giving a second thought of why they’re spending huge sum of money on something which is not actually good for them. About 90% of the commercially produced fragrances contain about 95% of chemicals.

Let us discuss the positive attributes of natural fragrances and why we should switch to them.

Nature is the origin:
Natural fragrances are derived from trees or their parts such as stems, leaves, flowers, and fruits. The extraction of these fragrances also takes place in simple and natural processes with no chemical additives.

Natural fragrances are healthy and eco-friendly. They do not cause any problems in the environment. Those who’ve some bronchial or other disorders can also use these natural fragrances without any fear of getting side-effects. The color of the fragrances is also a nature’s gift and no color additives are used. On the other hand, synthetic perfumes with chemicals are harmful for the environment. In addition to this, some of the synthetic perfumes use derivatives obtained from animals, such as musk deer.

There is a transparency regarding source and ingredients of natural perfumes, whereas you don’t exactly know all about the sources and constituents of the synthetic fragrances. The smell of natural fragrances are exceptional than the chemically derived synthetic fragrances.   

No Harm Done:
Natural fragrances do no harm to your health. Whatever is applied to skin is natural and same goes inside the body. Synthetic fragrances cannot be trusted with being absolutely harmless for one’s body.

Swapping your synthetically manufactured perfumes with naturally derived scents will provide you comfort and will help lowering the chemical haul.

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