Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Why Choose Oud Perfumes Over Synthetic Fragrances?

Oud perfumes have a piquant scent. They are obtained naturally from the Agarwood (Aquilaria) tree. Oud perfumes are rare because only few agarwood trees are able to produce them. Oud is widely used in incense sticks, body oils and perfume fragrances. The constituents of these perfumes are in absolute pure form and thus have no side effects on body and mind.

Oud perfumes should be chosen over synthetic fragrances and here’s why. 

Oud contains natural ingredients:
Agarwood is the chief constituent of Oud perfume which is purely natural. Synthetic perfumes could contain any type of synthetic ingredients that might be harmful for you. They’re laden with chemical constituents that might cause any toxicity, allergies or cancer. Whereas Oud perfumes are free from synthetic chemicals and there’s no chance they could harm you.

Oud perfumes are perfectly subtle for nervous system:
Synthetic fragrances may have harmful neurotoxins which have poisonous effects on nervous system. Some of them could even contain Toluene that can cause headaches, loss of controlling muscles, loss in memory, and problems related to hearing, speech and vision. Oud on the other hand is a pure aromatic perfume with a powerful subtle scent and it doesn’t contain any harmful neurotoxins.

Benefits of Oud:
Oud’s major component is agarwood which proves to have various benefits. Agarwood soothes the mind and stimulates positive energy. Applying Oud perfumes pacifies your mind with its natural strong scent. It proves to be effective in relaxing mind.
The splendor of Oud’s fragrance takes you into a new world of comfort and delight. A drop of Oud perfume smells exquisite and does no harm if inhaled for long, while synthetic perfumes smell nice but inhaling them for a bit longer can cause irritation and itching in nose.

Oud perfumes are better and should be chosen over synthetic perfumes for all the absolute reasons; including the divine scent, no chemical additives and also are profitable for soothing mind. 

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