Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top 5 Beauty Benefits Of Lemon Essential Oil

Having an awesome citrus fragrance, the Lemon Essential Oil aids in refreshing the skin due to its wonderful properties. This oil contains amazing anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, sedative and laxative properties that aid in imparting clear and younger looking skin.  In this blog, we will be discussing the top 5 beauty benefits of this enchanting essential oil. Let us begin with number one:

Excellent Skin Cleanser
Just a few drops of lemon essential oil can rejuvenate the skin instantly. The oil activates the mind through its enchanting aroma and gently cleanses the skin. You can get rid of dirt and dust clogging the pores with a deep massage using the lemon oil. Make lemon essential oil a part of your daily beauty regimen for effectively cleansed and grease-free skin.

Great Acne and Scar Fighter
One of the best essential oils, the lemon oil treats leaves the skin healthy and youthful. The oil has great ingredients like vitamin c, citric acid and antioxidants that boost the production of collagen, in turn helping in reducing scars and treating acne. 

Regulates Oil Balance of the Skin
Blessed with powerful astringent properties, the lemon essential oil helps in reducing excess sebum that causes acne and breakouts. The oil aids in shrinking the skin pores making the skin younger looking. Tightening the pores, the oil helps in reducing greasiness of the skin too.

Awesome Facial Toner
One of the best benefits of lemon essential oil is that it tomes the skin in an awesome way. Making the skin look youthful, this oil lifts the skin, making it appear taut. It retains elasticity of the skin. You can fight the signs of premature aging like fine lines near the eyes and crow feet by regularly applying lemon oil before going to bed every night.

Brightens the Skin
Lemons are natural sources for brightening the skin. Lemon Essential Oil contains citric acid that reduces dullness of skin by acting as a powerful bleaching agent. This wonderful oil aids in balancing the PH levels of the skin along with relieving you from various types of skin irritations.

 So, it is time to flaunt clear and radiant skin with the gift of nature- Lemon Essential 

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