Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Wonders of Melaleuca Oil

Heard of the blissful Melaleuca Oil? You might have heard of its common name-Tea Tree Oil which has been appreciated for its numerous health and skincare benefits since ages.  In this blog we will be discussing about melaleuca oil highlighting the skincare benefits that this magical oil offers along with some of the lesser known health benefits. This oil is a very popular ingredient in all the varieties of shampoos, ointments, face soaps and many more product because of its astonishing medicinal powers.

What is Melaleuca Oil?
Melaleuca oil, commonly known as tea tree oil is a “jack of all trades”. It is an essential oil with a fresh odor and its color complexion varies from pale yellow to approximately neutral or clear. This oil is obtained from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia, which is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree has been use since ages by millions of people to solve their thousands of daily life or serious issues. And due to its recognized health benefits and healing capacities, its traditional uses are still valued today.  Some of the numerous traditional uses for tea tree include healing:
·         Acne
·         Bacterial infections
·         Chickenpox
·         Congestion and respiratory tract infections
·         Earaches
·         Halitosis (bad breath)
·         Head parasites
·         Itchy insect bites, sores and sunburns

Top Uses of Tea Tree Oil
1.      Hair: Tea tree oil has proved to be very helpful for your hair and scalp. Having the ability to free your hair from dandruff and lice and calm dry flaking skin, this oil is an all-natural hair care product sans the side effects associated with synthetic shampoos, oils and conditioners.  

2.     Ache: Tea oil skin care products are considered as one of the most operative home remedies for aches. The most effective remedy is to drop a cotton swab into tea tree oil and then apply it mildly on the affected areas before going to sleep.

3.      Cleaning- Tea oil can also be used for household cleaning. It has the capacity and properties to kill all the bacteria at your home. To use it as a cleanser, you need to mix it with vinegar or water and then you can use it to clean toilet, sinks, kitchen etc.

4.      Deodorant- Want to remove your body odor? Tea tree oil is the best way to smell fresh. It consists of antimicrobial properties which has the capacity to kill those bacteria that causes body odor.

5.    Infections and cuts- If mixed with lavender essential oil, it proves to be a perfect ingredient as an ointment for your wound. In order to use it, clean your cut first with water, then apply tea tree oil and finally put a bandage over it.

There you many ways to use tea tree oil, the most useful material that can help anything from calming a burn to freshening your house!

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