Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Scentscaping: Global Trends in Fragrances

Everybody wishes to smell wonderful. In fact, many of us pay as much attention to the way they smell as any other part of their personal grooming regimen. Like all other lifestyle products, the perfume industry also undergoes constant upgradation and each year new fragrance trends emerge in the market. In this blog we intend to provide you a complete overview of the global trends in fragrances this year. Whether you want to smell “romantic” during a date, smell “sober” in office hours or smell “loud” at disco parties, here are the latest fragrance trends that will keep you updated.

Spring/Summer Fragrance Trends
This season is tipped to feature a number of fresh ingredients and modern interpretations of popular notes.  In particular, we see an emerging trend for rhubarb, an evolving appreciation of different tea blend aromas, as well as a feminine take on refreshing mint notes. Each has its own character:
  • Rhubarb: bringing a fresh, green, lightly tart and red berry note, rhubarb blends with fruity and floral aromas to create a subtle sharpness.
  •   Mint: adding a cool, green note and a hint of spice, the addition of mint gives scents a natural lift.
  • Tea:  offering a variety of delicate aromas, a renewed focus on tea delivers a fresh and aromatic character.

Autumn-winter Fragrance Trends
All the developing trends in this category embrace a more autumnal edge which is perfectly suitable for the season. Fragrances are likely to be sophisticated and sensual, drawing inspiration from traditional ingredients like
·         Rose-   It is distinguished by its everlasting femininity and used to add powdery, fruity or woody notes to a scent.
·         Leather- A leather note brings smoothness, warmth and even an animalistic direction.
·         Oud- This note delivers a rich, musty, woody-nutty scent.

What can be expected in 2016?
First of all, people are actually breaking through the whole idea of "one signature scent." It was really just a mantra that designer brands used in the past to keep customers faithful. Now, we're seeing people have 4-5 fragrances, for different occasions, outfits, seasons, etc. It makes sense though. We don't wear the same clothes every day, so why where the same scent? Fragrance is the ultimate accessory of fashion!
What will be the Story of Next Summer?
The story for next summer is lively, sassy and calm; reflecting a shift towards brighter days and fashionable outdoor living.  We expect to see gourmand notes used to add depth and sweetness to compositions, while freesia will blossom in flowery accords to create a subtle yet distinctive note.
Having a Sensual Experience with Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy product claims in the fragrance category have hit the roof in recent years. Flavor and fragrance demand—including demand for flavor and fragrance blends, essential oils and natural extracts, and aroma chemicals—is expected to rise 4.4% a year to reach $26.5 billion in 2016, according to a new report. Fragrances are a natural fit for aromatherapy claims, and as customers continue to seek more functionality from their products, launches that promise to awaken, relax and revive the user are growing in popularity.
This season was tipped to feature a number of fresh ingredients and modern interpretations of popular notes, and the fragrances this year reached another level and are fast growing in market these days. Next year is expected to be more successful as the fragrance industry is expected to give us some amazing scents.

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