Monday, 30 November 2015

Relevance of Perfumes in Contemporary Times

The world around us is most directly perceived by our sense of vision or we can say that eyes are the very first door to give us an experience of world outside, then comes sound followed by touch and last but not the least, the sense of smell.
Have you ever experienced that some particular smell can take you back to the memory lanes of some bygone era, bringing out some bitter and sweet memories and nostalgia. Have you ever come across a whiff of something that instantly takes you back to an old memory? Whether it reminds you of your mother’s cooking or a childhood trip to the ocean, a distinctive scent sinks into your brain and stays there. Yes, this is the beauty of fragrance, hence it is very much important to always bloom with some nice smell. Your sweet fragrance can make somebody remember you in a very sweet way.

Perfumes- Down the Memory Lane
Perfumes are as old as the human history; as mankind has always been smart enough to know that it is so much important to have a good impression on the people close to you. The fragrance revolution which was introduced to the world by Persian and Arabs soon became a global phenomenon in middle ages and now, it is a global industry worth millions. You can put up expensive clothes, smoothen your body with some massage and body spa, adorn yourself with some really expensive jewels and cosmetics, all these things can make you look confident and bold from outside but one always needs a unique smell to linger on even when you are gone to make that everlasting impression. Your perfume defines your personality, choices you make in life and most importantly it defines what kind of person, you actually are.
So, choosing the right kind of perfume which defines you as a person is not a casual thing, it’s an entire different science altogether. Be it sandal, rose, chameli, lavender, something light or something strong, all perfumes have one thing in common and that is they are hypnotic. Perfumes make people attracted to you. So live life in style with the right kind of fragrance.

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