Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Protect & Nourish Your Hair the Natural, Herbal Way

Many of us suffer from the problem of premature thinning and graying of hair. There can be several factors resulting in hair loss, including genetic, hormonal imbalances, inadequate circulation of blood, environmental conditions. Owing to the hectic lifestyles and constant exposure to air pollutants hair loss has become a leviathan problem from which more than half of the people suffer across the world.
Prevent hair loss with Onion in your kitchen
Yes! You just read right. It’s onion. Onion is the most effective home remedy for stimulating hair growth and mitigating the loss of hair. Onion has a high Sulfur composition which helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the hair corpuscles. Regular use of onion on your scalp can work wonders for your hair. Grind onion and prepare its juice to apply on your scalp. After keeping it for an hour, wash it off with ample amount of water.  

Stimulate hair growth with Fenugreek
Fenugreek seeds are rich in hormone descents, nicotinic acid which strengthen the hair and help stimulating hair growth and repairing damage hair. For application of fenugreek seeds on the scalp, soak them overnight in water and grind them after. Apply the paste on the scalp, leave it for half an hour and wash off with plenty of water and shampoo thereafter.  

Amla- the wonder fruit for strengthening hair
Amla is an effective natural ingredient that reduces hair fall. It can be eaten or applied on scalp. The Amla juice penetrates into the scalp and helps strengthening the hair roots. For best results and also as a way of removing dandruff, some lemon juice can be added to Amla juice or powder.

Shikakai keeps your hair strong
Shikakai makes the roots of your hair stronger. It can be used as a hair pack or a mild cleanser. The best way to apply Shikakai is to boil it in coconut oil and applying this oil on scalp.

All these natural herbs have been proved to be remarkably effective for mitigating the hair loss and strengthening the hair. One such efficacious hair product made from natural components is GoodLife Florina Hair Wash which is formulated to provide strong, healthy and shiny hair.

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