Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Perfume: How Natural Are You Willing To Go?

The markets are flooded with different types of synthetic fragrances, each one promising an everlasting scent that matches your personality. However, not many of us consider the downsides of these chemical based preparations that might range from allergies to reactions and skin irritations. In the era where more & more people are opting for organic lifestyles, switching to nature based perfumes seems like a wise choice.

Natural fragrances are essential oils derived from botanical sources such as flowers, fruits, seeds or skin of the plant, as well as the bark, leaves, roots, resins or wood of certain trees. The process of derivation generally includes steam or water distillation, a technique that has been around for centuries. Sandal Rose Oil is a good example of natural oils.

Why natural perfumes are better?
1.      Quality: Naturally- derived fragrance oils smell far better than cheap synthetic imitations. 
2.    Courtesy: When you wear products that contain synthetic fragrances, you “outgas” petrochemicals that can hurt sensitive people around you.
3.    Health: Whatever goes on your skin goes in your body. Natural perfumes don’t contain dangerous synthetic chemicals.
4.    The environment: Fragrance chemicals are a serious environmental problem. Pollution from making, using and disposing of these chemicals hurt us all, especially children.

Why is the smell of natural perfumes good and synthetic perfumes bad?
There are finest natural perfumes that you will ever smell. Subtle and sublime, natural perfumes range from simple, floral to complex blends of flowers, woods, resins and spices.
But for synthetic perfumes, the fragrance industry uses neurotoxic, carcinogenic and toxic-waste chemicals derived from petroleum to make sweet-smelling products that we are surrounded with every day.  These industries do not disclose their ingredients on the label but they contain harmful chemicals.

What will You Love The Most about the Natural Perfumes?
What we love about our natural perfumes is that they are created in layers; changing slowly with the chemistry of your skin. Working with your chemistry, they also gently change into your own singular scent, so you smell like you and not like everyone else. Each individual’s skin is different so the longevity and the spirit of the notes smell and last differently. Natural perfumes are not overpowering and will stay within a few feet of your body. Basically, when you leave the room, so will your fragrance.

Good for health? Yes!
Natural perfumes are better for your health and for the environment. If you have Asthma or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), you know how bad it feels to be exposed to synthetic fragrances.

So, for the bundle of benefits that come with natural fragrances, ditch your artificial perfumes today and keep smelling wonderful!

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