Friday, 27 November 2015

Finding the Right Fragrance to Suit Your Personality

Do you want others to have an unforgettable experience when you cross them? Then, choosing the right fragrance as per the traits which define your personality is a must. Opting for a perfume which complements your personality will not only make you smell good but will also boost your confidence level.

Fragrance Family
Initially, finding your signature fragrance can be a tough job and it may be time consuming too. So, first of all you need to have a basic understanding about the fragrance family groups as your signature scent would be coming from one of these groups. The following are the prominent fragrance families: 
·         Fresh
·         Floral
·         Oriental
·         Woods
·         Fougere
·         Chypre

While choosing your perfume, here are some tips which you need to keep in mind:
·         What’s your favourite scent?
First of all, figure out a particular scent smell which you really like. It may be floral, wood, or any other. Once you are clear with the smell you like then it will get easier for you to find the perfume with related notes.

·         It all about your personality
Give yourself a personality check and get to know how you really are. You can consider your inner traits or you can go with your physical traits. For instance, if you are a very bold, party going, glamorous type of a person then opt for a perfume which smells bold enough to suit your personality.

·         First impression is the last impression
If your friends/relatives are wearing a perfume and its smell strikes you in the very first appearance, then immediately ask them which perfume they are wearing as the fragrance that leaves a lasting first impression is generally the one to wear.

·         Is it complementing your body odor?
Everyone has different body heat and odor so choosing a fragrance which goes with the heat and odor of your body is really important.

·         It’s not an expensive branded one. So what?
Perfumes come in a huge variety and their range varies from brand to brand. While some people have the habit of wearing the most expensive perfumes that may not even go well with their style. So, it is not necessary to go for an expensive fragrance if a reasonably priced perfume can do the trick for you.

These tips will definitely help you when you will plan your day to buy perfumes. To maximize the effect of any perfume apply it on your pulse points like neck, wrist etc. and smell as good and refreshing as ever.

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