Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Feasting on Fragrances: Welcome to the World of Gastronomic Perfumes

Gastronomic Perfumes are a bit of paradox, not commonly understood and quite confusing. In this discussion, we will tell you everything you need to know about this exclusive type of perfume.

Starting the Discussion: Food & Scent Connection

Flavor is the combination of taste experienced on your tongue and the aroma you experience through your nose. We all have scents that take us back to some happy place. However, no matter how good the scent of freshly baked bread or barbecue makes you feel, you probably haven't been able to find these food scents in a suitable little bottle — until now! Yes, the introduction of Gastronomic Perfumes enables you to wear your favorite food’s fragrance. These wearable Foodie Fragrances are not easy to find in the market as consumers are still exploring the idea of wearing a food-based fragrance. Also called Gourmet Fragrances, these perfumes present a mix of nostalgic smells from the kitchen, of the foods you adore and even kitchen gardens.

Don't believe in the power of Gastronomic Smells? Read on…

Inducing buying behavior among consumers by using special scents is an open industry. It has been used in the packaged and freshly cooked/served food industry for decades. Bakers and patisseries have been using these techniques rather wisely. Certain smells amplify our perception of a product, attracting otherwise reluctant customers. Studies indicate sense as the most powerful stimulus to provoke a strong emotional response. Here, smells stimulate impulse purchases. This underlines the fact that Food Fragrances can be as evocative and inspiring as floral scents.

Understand Gastronomic Perfumes with Examples:

1.      Allberry corn - A fresh buttered popcorn aroma with a hint of mixed berries
2.      Appleberry jam - A blend of fresh apples and mixed berries with a hint of fresh, juicy pears
3.      Banana cookies - A blend of fresh cookie dough and ripe bananas
4.      Chocolate - Old fashioned Chocolate, spices, and woods
5.      Cocoa mints - A fresh baked fudge brownie fragrance with a hint of peppermint and a splash of wintergreen

The current perfume marketplace is still maturing to the idea of Gastronomic Fragrances. These scents are finding a way in colognes, perfumes and candles but overall, the consumption rate is rather humble. The marketplace is accepting more Food Fragrances that can satiate or initiate cravings of your favorite food. This is also the more organic way of approaching perfumes. Why? Because the emphasis is on scents that resemble naturally grown, everyday essentials like different types of foods/eatables.

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