Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Essential Oils: The Upcoming Wonder Drugs

Essential oils, somebody says the term and what clicks in your mind instantly is the sweet scents, aromatic candles, unique essence. The importance of essential oils beyond refreshment is not known to many. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy, food industry, and cosmetic industry. They exhibit antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Out of these enduring characteristics, essential oils find application widely in personal care products, healthcare products and now even in pest control. Since a long time, the combat between myriads of infection and human race is on. Emerging at the battleground, most important concern is bacterial resistance. Combining antibiotics with aromatherapy is sprouting and holds a bright future.

Strengthen the Immune System
The immune system fights with number of bacteria every day and it is important to keep it strong to avoid catching infections. Essentialoils consolidate our body palace, strengthen the immune system and keep away the harmful microbes.

Essential Oils and Medicine Today
Modern antibiotic therapy is paramount in fighting against microbes and upgrades the health. Despite the extensive use of antibiotics and its important role in medicine, cases of antibiotic resistant diseases have been found which calls for a need to look for alternatives. Oil extracts from different plant products which have important healing compounds are proved to have a symbiotic effect with modern medicine.

Blending Essentials Oils and Modern Medicine
There seems a misconstruction regarding the blend of naturalproducts and modern medicines. Most of the modern medicines have been derived from the natural herbs only. Morphine is a drug that is derived from poppy and Vicks, the cough reliever marks its major constituents as camphor, lemon and eucalyptus. Essential oils working in association with modern medicine can give propitious results. 

Essential oils hold a great potential in curing microbial infections in conjunction with antibiotics. With more researches and development, essential oils will undergo a role reversal from being supportive therapeutics to the major healing components. 

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