Sunday, 29 November 2015

Essential Oils Perfume: Choose your Scent according to your Mood

It is rightly said that, “Fragrance is all about trying to communicate emotion.” Aromatherapy is not the first thing you consider to cheer up your mood, but it could be a great aid if you choose to give it a try. Scents are one of the best ways to influence brain activity. So, now the question is which perfume to choose and how?Choosing your scent depends on the following factors:
  • Your natural body sent
  • The fragrance you want
  •  You mood
  •  The effect we want for ourselves or others

In this blog, we are going to talk about how mood influences your choice of perfume and how to choose the right perfume as per your mood.

1.      Jasmine: Jasmine consists of great soothing properties and it is also used as an anti-depressant. It helps to boost your confidence and also refreshes your body and mind.

2.      Rosemary: Rosemary is the perfect perfume to start your day with. It improves your memory and also reduces physical tiredness, headaches, and mental depression. It is a great aid in reducing muscular aches and pains.

3.      Musk: Musk leaves a positive effect on your body as well as on your spirit. It has the ability to calm your central nervous system and also helps in reducing anxiety. It helps you to stay focused towards your goal by clearing your mind.

4.      Peppermint: It is the most refreshing flavor as it gives you an energy boost, influences your mind, and also indorses concentration and clear thinking.

5.      Lemon: Lemon indorses concentration and keeps your calm when you feel angry. It gives a boost to your body’s immune system and improves circulation.

6.      Cinnamon: It helps to fight mental fatigue and improves concentration and focus.

7.      Orchid: It is a boost for your mental attentiveness and helps you in fighting hypertension, migraine, and even headache. It refreshes you with positive energy.

Choose your perfume as per your mood and get refreshed by sprinkling some drops of your favorite fragrance on yourself just as you start your day.


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