Thursday, 5 November 2015

Essential Oils in the Primeval Time

Healthcare is a lineage for development of pseudoscience. Nobody wants to take a chance when it comes to health. There are a number of alternatives when it comes to treatments that rely on nature and natural therapies. One of the main and highly regarded elements of naturopathy are the essential oils.

Essential oils are plant extracts extracted from parts of plants depending upon which part has the most medicinal value. They are now gaining global recognition and are starting to become a ubiquitous part of every household. Essential oils have been used by human race since 5000 years. The blog presents the use of essential oils in various parts of the world in the ancient era.

Essential oils in Ancient Egypt:
History has that Egyptians were the first to make use of essential oils and started aromatherapy. In fact, they used essential oils in mummifying the bodies. The important oils that were put to use included Frankincense and Cinnamon essential oils. The utility of essential oil found Egypt as its mother because of the fertile Nile River, which helps the land of Egypt to grow numerous crops and plants of medicinal importance.

Essential oils in Greece:
Greeks were inspired by the acumen of Egyptians and they incorporated the essential oils in treatment of their patients. They believed in the effects of aromatherapy firmly and indulged aromatherapy massages in the treatment.

Essential oils in China and India:
India has achieved remarkable success in Ayurveda treatment. Both India and China used herbs as medicines since a long time. They used essential oils and aromatherapy in medicine integrally.

Essential oils in Arab:
Arabs took over the wisdom of using essential oils in medicine from China, India and Greece. They were the first to devise the process of steam distillation for the extraction of oils.

Essential oils have now gained a substantive status, although they were being used even before the discovery of modern antibiotics. People are discerning their importance and switching to them again as they’ve been the best healing natural products.

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